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Journal Articles
  [1]Ultrasonic studies for ‎binary mixtures with ‎trichloroethylene+ ‎alkane-1-ols (C3-C8) ‎at 303.15 K.‎ ، published in J.chern and Eng ‎Data.‎ ، 1996
  [2]Enthalpies of mixing for ‎the binary mixtures of ‎tetrachloro ethylene with ‎some alkan-1-ols(C3-C8) ‎at 298.15K.‎ ، published in Phys and Chem. of ‎Liq.‎ ، 1999
  [3]Prediction of Joule- ‎Thomson coeffcient of ‎some n- alkanes and ‎carbondioxide using ‎equation of states ، published in Ultra Science‎ ، 1999
  [4]Excess molar enthalpies of ‎binary mixtures containing ‎n,n-dimethylformamide+ ‎six 2-alkandiols at300.15K.‎ ، published in J. of chemical and engineering data‎ ، 2000
  [5]Volumetric Properties of ‎Acetonitrile With 1,2-‎Alkanediols (C2-C6)at 20 C ، published in Journal of Solution ‎Chemistry ، 2001
  [6]Excess molar enthalpies of ‎binary mixtures of ‎trichloroethylene with six 2-‎alkandiols at 25 C.‎ ، published in Journal of Solution ‎Chemistry ، 2001
  [7]Excess enthalpy data in some ‎binary systems containing non-‎electrolyte solution and their ‎correlations at 298.15 K- part II.‎ ، published in Phys. and Chem. of Liq.‎ ، 2002
  [8]Excess Molar volume ‎and dynamic ‎viscosities for binary ‎mixtures of toluene+ ‎n-alkanes (C5-C10) at ‎T= 298.05K – ‎comparision with ‎prigogine – Flory- ‎Patterson theory.‎ ، published in Journal of ‎chemical ‎Themodynamics‎.‎ ، 2006
  [9]Studies of dynamic ‎viscosity and Gibbs ‎energy of activation ‎of binary mixtures of ‎methylcyclohexane ‎with n-alkanes (C5-‎C10) at various ‎temperature.‎ ، published in J. of Molecular ‎Liquids ، 2006
  [10]Excess Molar volume and ‎viscosity deviation for ‎binary mixtures of ‎ethylene glycole dimethyle ‎ether 250 with 1,2- ‎alkanediols(C3-C6) at ‎temperature of 298.15 K.‎ ، published in Journal of ‎chemical thermo ‎dynamics ، 2007
  [11]Decolorization of synthetic ‎and real wastewater by ‎indirect electrochemical ‎process.‎ ، published in Acta chim. Slov.‎ ، 2007
  [12]Excess enthalpies‎ and thermal conductivity ‎coefficients for binary ‎mixtures of ‎carbontetnes (C5-C8) at ‎temperature of 298.15 K. ‎ ، published in Journal of ‎Chomical and ‎Engineering ‎Data ، 2007
  [13]Removal of organic ‎dye pollutants from ‎wastewater by ‎electrochemical ‎oxidation.‎ ، published in Physics and ‎Chemistry of ‎Liquids ، 2007
  [14]Extended geometric ‎method A simple ‎approach to derive ‎adsorption rate ‎constants of ‎Langmuir-Freundlich ‎kinetics ، published in Chemosphere ، 2007
  [15]Electrochemical Oxidation of an Azo Dye in Aqueous Media Investigation of Operational Parameters and Kinetics.Journal of Hazardous Materials,168 (2009) 997–1003
  [16]Volumetric properties and viscosities of the 2-pyrrolidone+1, 2-propanediol+water ternary system and its binary constituents at T=313.15 K.Journal of Molecular Liquids 144 (2009) 102–107
Conference Articles
  [1]Electrochemical oxidation ofAzo- dyecontaining wastewaters ، نهمين كنفرانس شيمي فيزيك ايران ، 2006/6/12 to 2006/6/15

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