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Journal Articles
  [1]H., Khotanlo, O., Colliot, J., Atif, I., Bloch, 3D brain tumor segmentation in MRI using fuzzy classification, symmetry analysis and spatially constrained deformable models, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 160(10):1457-1473, 2015
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Conference Articles
  [1]R., Karami, H., Khotanlou ، "Tehran Stock Exchange knowledge base representation using ontology", In IFS2009, Yazd, Iran, Jun. 2009 ، 2009/9/12 to 2009/9/12
  [2]A., Rezvanian, S., Rezvanian, H., Khotanlou ، "A New Method to Impulse Noise Reduction from Medical Images Using Cellular Automata", In ICEE 2009, Tehran, Iran, May 2009. ، 2009/9/12 to 2009/9/12
  [3]H., Khotanlou, S., Hashemi ، "A new classification method using membership, Typicality and spatial information", In CSICC2009, Tehran, Iran, Feb. 2009 ، 2009/9/12 to 2009/9/12
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  [6]H. Khotanlou, O. Colliot, and I. Bloch ، "Automatic Brain Tumor Segmentation using Symmetry Analysis and Deformable Models", In ICAPR, pages 198–202, Kolkata, India, Jan. 2007. ، 2009/9/12 to 2009/9/12
  [7]J. Atif, H. Khotanlou, E. Angelini, H. Duffau, and I. Bloch ، "Segmentation of Internal Brain Structures in the Presence of a Tumor", In Medical ImageComputing and Computer-Assisted Intervention(MICCAI), pages 61–68, Copenhagen, Oct. 2006. ، 2009/9/12 to 2009/9/12
  [8]H. Khotanlou, J. Atif, B. Batrancourt, O. Colliot, E. Angelini, I. Bloch ، "Brain tumor segmentation and integration in an anatomical model", RFIA2006 , Tours, France (With prize of 2th best paper) ، 2009/9/12 to 2009/9/12
  [9]H., Khotanlou, H., Eghbali, M., Zolghadr ، " A Fast Method for image Compression using Gabor Time Frequency Transform and Vector Quantization", In ICEE 2003, Shiraz, Iran, May 2003 ، 2009/9/12 to 2009/9/12
  [10]H., Khotanlou ، "Fast Image Compression using Gabor Transform", In NCC2002, Mashhad , Iran, Feb. 2002 ، 2009/9/12 to 2009/9/12
  [11]H., Khotanlou, M., Zolghadr ، "Reduction Blocking Effect in Image Compression Using DCT", SISU96, shiraz , Iran, Sep. 1996 ، 2009/9/12 to 2009/9/12
  [12]H. Khotanlou, ، "Pathological brain structures segmentation using spatial relations and brain ontology", ICBME2010, Tehran ، 2010/1/1 to 2010/1/1

  [1]H., Khotanlou, F., Ajamian, 1000 Tests in Data Retrieving and Saving (File system), Kreshme, 2002
  [2]H., Khotanlou, Matlab Manual ( Translating From English to Persian), 1998

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