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Journal Articles
  [1]Experimental study of unsteady turbulent flow coefficients through granular porous media and their contribution to the energy losses ، Shokri, Morteza
Sabour, Mohammad Reza، published in KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering ، 2014
  [2]Concept of Hydraulic Porosity & Experimental Investigation in Nonlinear Flow Analysis through Rubble-mound breakwaters ، Shokri, Morteza
Sabour, Mohammad Reza
Bayat, Habibollah، published in Journal of Hydrology ، 2014
Conference Articles
  [1]Application of Self-Compacting Concrete, Worldwide Experiences ، Amir Hosein Bakhtiarian,
Morteza Shokri,
Mohammad Reza Sabour ، 5Th-SAStech ، 2011/11/13 to 2011/11/15
  [2]A review on non-linear unsteady one dimensional flow in coarse porous media ، 6Th-SAStech ، 2012/9/12 to 2012/9/15 ، in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

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